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W. WADE BEAVERS co-founded Capital Law following successful careers in both law and real estate development.  He began practicing law as an attorney in the commercial real estate field.  Wade's practice focuses on real estate finance, development, banking, and investment-property capitalization.

Capital Law & Advisory Partners is an experienced law and consulting firm serving lenders, investors, developers, landlords, tenants and entrepreneurs in a broad range of real estate and business transactions across the United States. The firm, designed around the principal that today's complex transactions require more than sound legal advice, combines proven legal skills with practical business experience to provide clients a comprehensive resource for real estate and business solutions.

127 E. Ramshorn 
PO Box 659

Dubois, Wyoming 82513


Wyoming LLC Attorney is a website dedicated to helping people form Wyoming corporations.  We know the incorporation process in and out and look forward to helping you.  Whether you need a simple LLC or desire complex business planning, consider us your partner in this journey.  We will handle everything, you just focus on running your business.

  • Form A Wyoming LLC

  • Obtain your IRS EIN

  • Additional Asset Protection Service 

Feel free to contact us anytime.  We are always open for business!

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